About Hatha Yoga

ChakrasYoga originated in India many thousands of years ago. The yoga postures (asanas) exercise every part of the body, stretching and toning the muscles and joints, the spine and the entire skeletal system. They are excellent weight bearing exercises helping to increase bone density for both the upper and lower body while being low-impact. They also work on the internal organs, glands and nerves keeping all systems in radiant health. By releasing physical and mental tension, they also liberate vast resources of energy.

The yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) revitalise the body and help to control the mind, leaving you feeling calm and refreshed, while the practice of positive thinking and meditation gives increased clarity, mental power and concentration.

Yoga is a great way to achieve a strong, toned and supple body and learn how to become more deeply relaxed and able to deal with the stresses and strains of modern day life. With regular practice the body becomes stronger, more flexible and balanced and the mind calmer. Anyone can do yoga – even the most inflexible students are often amazed by their progress.

Below are just a few of the postures which work on different areas of the body all helping to achieve a strong, toned, supple body and in conjunction with correct breathing, result in a deep sense of peace and relaxation.