Welcome to Hatha Yoga St Albans

Julie stone - hatha yoga st albansI’m Julie Stone and I began practicing yoga in 1997 whilst working in a busy office environment in London. My aims were to relieve the daily physical and mental stresses of the job. I found the benefits were immediate. I felt energised and yet relaxed and peaceful. I began to feel physically stronger and more supple with less aches and pains. Over the next few years, I attended various workshops exploring different styles of yoga and in 2001 successfully completed the Sivananda Teacher Training course in the Bahamas. Since then, I have continued to attend courses and classes in a number of different schools of yoga (Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, British Wheel) as I like to keep an open mind and enjoy experiencing the different styles. I continued to practice and teach yoga during my pregnancies in 2008 and 2012 which I found to be of immense benefit.

hatha-yogaI absolutely love teaching yoga and get great satisfaction from seeing the progress made by my students. Some come to the class for specific physical reasons, some for relaxation and others as a way of keeping fit.  Yoga works on the whole body, stretching, strengthening and toning the muscles and brings a sense of wellbeing and calm. The classes are based in St Albans, Hertfordshire in a friendly and non-competitive environment and the students are of mixed ability and age groups.